Howtoons motor keeps on spinning


Picture 2This morning I spent ten minutes making the motor from the Howtoons cartoon in the first issue of Make. It consists of one AA battery, two safety pins, a magnet, some Scotch tape, a piece of telephone extension cable wire, a pad of Post-It notes, and a little nail polish. It’s been spinning for four hours so far. I like the clickety clickety sound is makes. I shot a little movie of it in action. (It’s an MP4, so you might have to download it to watch it.) Link

0 thoughts on “Howtoons motor keeps on spinning

  1. nonameyet says:

    I remember making something like that back in elementary school using a raw potato instead of a battery…?

  2. rockyt says:

    I haven’t been able to get it to work. The howtoons toon suggest using a “c” cell battery. Any suggestions to getting this thing to work?


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