Knit Taxidermy and More Wonderful Wares We Love

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Knit Taxidermy and More Wonderful Wares We Love
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Featured at the 10th annual Maker Faire Bay Area.

The San Francisco Bazaar was back again for the 2015 Bay Area Maker Faire. There were 85 booths with 90 artists showing off and selling the amazing things they’ve made. There was everything from laser cut jewelry to paintings to handcrafted metal garden art. We didn’t get a chance to interview everyone there, but here is a sample of what was available during this year’s Bazaar at the Maker Faire.

Check out the video above and then read below to find out more about the artists and their wares.

thumb_P1020398_1024Eva Devon Soni from Sweaty Taxidermy – Fun and unique knit taxidermy.

Here is another interview with Soni from Bay Area Maker Faire 2014.


thumb_P1020389_1024Jen Amos from Sparrow and Sundry – Little shadowboxes/dioramas with LED lights.



thumb_P1020404_1024Sarah Grams from Pockit Lab – Tiny DIY leather wallet kits.



thumb_P1020409_1024Tony Fredericks from As Wood as it Gets – Wooden household items including cutting boards, mugs, and pens.



thumb_P1020415_1024Doug MacNeil from Recover Your Thoughts – Handmade journals from old book covers.



P1050624Claire Sanders from Fluff Engine – Handmade plush toys and directions for you to sew them yourself at home.



thumb_P1050632_1024Klai Brown from Klai – Handmade functional ceramics with illustrations.



Here are two more great booths that weren’t actually part of the San Francisco Bazaar, but were included with the video. These two venders are from the Collage Factory on Wheels. They also had some amazing and unique items for sale at the Bay Area Maker Faire.

thumb_P1050689_1024Anna Quinones from Aunty Social Designs – Unconventional crochet designs.



thumb_P1050693_1024Janay Rose from The Window Lady – Upcycled fashion designs inspired by every era of costumes, patterns in nature, and the materials themselves.



To read even more about these booths, and a few others, check out this article about some of the amazing booths at the Maker Faire Bazaar.

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