Live in a museum for a month? Awesome!

Live in a museum for a month? Awesome!

Want to live in a museum for a month? The Museum of Science and Industry is looking for a roommate:

The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago is looking for “you.” And by “you,” we mean an adventurous, outgoing person with a strong interest in learning about science and the world around her or him, plus the ability to write engagingly about your experiences. Ideally, you’re also the web-savvy sort who can keep your thumb out of frame when taking photographs. If that “you” sounds like you, or if you are simply curious about this intriguing endeavor, then you should read on.

[via boingboing]

6 thoughts on “Live in a museum for a month? Awesome!

  1. RichT says:

    and food for thought too!

  2. mwgamemaster says:

    this is a really awesome idea but what really sucks is that i now live on the west cost but i grew up in Chicago…i spent my whole summers at that place when i was growing up :(

    1. says:

      You don’t have to live in the Chicago area. MSI will pay your expenses to come to Chicago if you are a semi-finalist and they will pay for you to get to Chicago to begin your residency.

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