Nerdy Derby Rocks Maker Faire

Nerdy Derby Rocks Maker Faire

I had so much fun observing the goings-on at the Nerdy Derby tent at this year’s Maker Faire New York. It’s a rules-light race similar to the Pinewood Derby, and it inspires creativity and participation from kids as well as grownups. The tent was always jam packed with participants hacking away at their cars, and the races were casual and fun.

The YouTube video embedded above shows a car’s-eye view of a race, as well as the truly beautiful and well-made track that puts Pinewood Derby ramps to shame. Cleverly, the organizers put track segments on the work tables so builders could test out their cars. All in all, a great addition to Maker Faire!

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  1. Touring the Labs at MAKE HQ says:

    […] a ShopBot, with which they fabricate objects such as this car body for World Maker Faire’s Nerdy Derby […]

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