Pantone Coffee Mug


I’m married to a graphic designer, who likes to tease me about my love of Pantone. I’m always begging him to bring me his out of date sets, and he is always kindly reminding me that I’m not a designer trying to work out the details of a print run. “The Pantone swatches are a tool, not a toy.” I think that the new Pantone kitchen line is the perfect way for me to indulge my inner color junkie. Via cakeheadlovesevil.

4 thoughts on “Pantone Coffee Mug

  1. kedawen says:

    Take it from another graphic designer, Pantone swatches ARE a toy. :D I get so excited when I can play with those swatch books… I don’t have any of my own so that probably makes a difference.
    I like those mugs! I just may get one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is not an appropriate site for young people to find on Craftzine. I was not shocked with the content, being a tattoo artist myself, but I don’t think it should be on a site that is so easily accessed by young people that are learning crafts. I would not have thought Craftzine would allow the links !!!

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