She's Geeky: Women-in-tech (un)conference

She's Geeky: Women-in-tech (un)conference

By way of LaughingSquid:

She’s Geeky, a technology (un)conference for women, takes place October 22nd & 23rd at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View. Here are the proposed topics.

“The She’s Geeky (un)conference will provide an agenda-free and friendly environment for women who not only care about building technology that is useful for people, but who also want to encourage more women to get involved.

It is designed to provide women who self-identify as geeky and who are engaged in various technology-focused disciplines with a gathering space in which they can exchange skills and discuss ideas and form community across and within disciplines.”

She’s Geeky: A Women’s Tech (un)Conference – Link

2 thoughts on “She's Geeky: Women-in-tech (un)conference

  1. rich.thomas says:

    Is this open to all genders? Or is it exclusionary? Is it limited to certain races or beliefs too (“geeky”?)? Is there one scheduled only for geeky males?

  2. PattiS says:

    The rest of this world is pretty much set up for geeky males.

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