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What ya get?

What ya get?

So, what presents did you give? Get? We’d especially love to hear from folks who used our gift guides to buy (or make) presents and how your recipients liked them.

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30 thoughts on “What ya get?

  1. Gareth Branwyn says:

    It was a gamer’s Christmas for me this year, not a maker’s Christmas. I got the Call of Cthulhu card game, and Tannhauser, the alt.history WWI/WWII boardgame. Also got an Andy Warhol action figure. Sweet.

  2. Tottenkoph says:

    Got my boyfriend some tools (universal package opener, and the utilikey to name a few) from the Make’s toolbox gift guide and he loved them! And he got me the lilypad arduino kit! Best. Christmas. Ever.

  3. PCB Master says:


  4. Uncle Kudzu says:

    the “Make: Electronics” book!

  5. Brainiac27 says:

    Due to my wonderful parents, I got a Leatherman Wave, a chumby one, and a Ice Tube Clock from Adafruit.

  6. soundguy42 says:

    I got the TI eZ430-Chronos watch dev kit. After I put it on my list, my father ended up purchasing one too! Now I’m just waiting for them to be back in stock so it ships…

  7. Russell says:

    i got a titanium spork

  8. graphmastur says:

    an Arduino Duemilanove. I am so happy. ;-) YaY!!!

  9. RocketGuy says:

    After 2 (or maybe 3?) years of waiting and hoping, I finally got an X-Band Saw!

    I’ve been wanting this ever since trying it at Maker Faire! Awesome!

  10. catsaiyan says:

    a brain machine a mouse bot gamemaker book c++ book and xbox 360 stuff

  11. Roland says:

    I got a USB Oscilloscope. Very happy. The Velleman PCSGU250. Already used it to get a BackEMF motor control working.

  12. Tim says:

    My wife bought me a 60 gallon air compressor and the in-laws loaded me up with air hoses, attachments and air tools! Yay me!

  13. Formori says:

    I hope Santa was good to everyone, I didn’t get too much coal in my stocking ;P

    I got a DSO Nano Pocket Oscilloscope, some robot parts, and a 4-season camping tent!

  14. Chris Connors says:

    …a bunch of wii gear and software: mariokart, wiifit, inductive charging station…in the physical realm, blinkybugs, wifi digitial picture frame, lots of high quality chocolate and bannanagram…for the kitchen, a new microwave, tea kettle and toaster oven…all of which should be fun stuff!

  15. jeff-o says:

    The biggest items for me were a PS3 and a new Hakko soldering station.

    The best thing I gave was a handmade audiophile-class DAC+headphone amp.

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