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Wobbegong Shark Costume


wobbegong shark
Shark costumes are popular this year. Jen Straw sent Dabbled these pictures of the wobbegong shark costume she made for her son. Apparently the wobbegong shark is his favorite kind of shark.
Shark Halloween Costume

6 thoughts on “Wobbegong Shark Costume

  1. Rob says:

    I live in Sydney and whenever you go for a dive around here you see loads of wobbys. They are awesome and the boy has shown uncommon style and taste picking them out as a favorite! They are generally considered harmless, but at the same time are responsible for more shark bites here than any other species… how so you ask?
    Although small mouthed, they are the only species of shark that can reach all the way around and bite their own tail, and they can do it very quickly. Thinking them docile, many divers like to give them a cheeky tug on the fin, which generally causes them to scamper off. Occasionally though they snap around and give them a nasty bite. Another reason to keep your hands to yourself when visiting the deep…

  2. Michelle Kempner says:

    The Wobbegong shark costume ended up winning Dabbled’s Halloween costume contest:

  3. Vivian Moy says:

    Simply amazing – I’ve never seen anything so legit!!!! I wondered what type of fabric you used and did you paint the design on the back of the costume. Well done!!!!

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