10 Projects to Make with Dad for Kids Over 10

And if you really want to up the ante, build the See-Thru Potato Canon during the day, and celebrate into the night.

14 thoughts on “10 Projects to Make with Dad for Kids Over 10

  1. Dave Nash says:

    Please please don’t go into this separate page format, no one wants to see Make end up with slideshows…

    1. Tom Ligman says:

      Also, if you absolutely have to break things up into 2 or 3 pages to satisfy your page click quotas or something, could you at least link to the projects and not just name them?

    2. chad says:

      After reading through the Make: Projects documentation and noticing the ’embeddable slideshow’ I was curious how they would be used in real-life. I guess that’s the hope of these kind of posts.

      Make, we don’t mind scrolling, and I bet the majority of us find it easier than clicking on a tiny, non obvious link.

  2. Xiver says:

    This multi-page format is stupid.  I clicked on the first couple and there was only one sentence on each page.  Is Make Magazine in such bad need of advertising dollars that they feel its ok for their surfers to have a miserable experience?  I think that will backfire.

  3. Tim Cocks says:

    I clicked on pages 2 and 3. Saw one sentence on each and then closed this article…I was actually genuinely interested in it. But this is presented horribly.

    1. Anonymous says:

      This piece is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Each page is supposed to have a Make: Project embedded in it, not just be the intro sentence. We’re looking into it now.

      (And in general we’ll only use the slideshow format sparingly. Thanks for the feedback. We’re experimenting with it now.)

  4. Mike Dennis says:

    This, and the companion article for 10-and-under, still don’t have access to the actual projects…

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