20 New Must-Have Products in the Maker Shed

We’re in the midst of Maker Faire season here at Make, and are hurriedly (but calmly) preparing for the upcoming fourth annual World Maker Faire New York. We hope to start doing these posts on a more regular basis in the near future, but for now we’ll be announcing new products in large batches. Thanks to the beautifully round number of recent additions, all of the products discussed below are also on the first page of our New Arrivals category.

Raspberry Pi Camera

Finally, the Raspberry Pi Camera module has arrived! You can plug this right into your Raspberry Pi and start experimenting with computer vision or automatic photography. Intelligent photo booth or a pet-tracking device, anyone? Setup is very simple, as Raspberry Pi’s James explains in the introductory video here. Pick one up from the Shed today!

Micro Quadcopter

MKUD1-2This is one of my personal favorites, and what I believe to be one of the best bang-for-the-buck buys in multirotors today. Everything you see in the photo above comes in the box, so you can start flying in minutes. One button on the transmitter even functions as an automatic “flip” command! Pick one up right here, and get flying!


GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine is a book series and construction set starring Goldie, the girl inventor who loves to build. Help Goldie build a belt drive to spin everybody! This is a great kit for kids, ages 6 and up. You can find this fun building set in the Shed
right here.

USB Wifi Module

This will work great for all you Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone users who’re sick of tripping over your 20′ Ethernet cables. They’re built into a very low-profile enclosure as well, so all you need to do is plug it into one of the board’s USB ports and forget it! Pick one up right here.

TinkerForge Weather Station

weather_station_table_800The TinkerForge Weather Station Kit is a fully-fledged open source weather station. It measures temperature, humidity, air pressure and illuminance with high precision and can be controlled by a connected PC or standalone with an embedded board like the Raspberry Pi (not included). It can be assembled in roughly a half-hour, with no soldering required! TinkerForge recently launched a video that shows off all the features of the kit; you can watch it on YouTube here. Pick one up from the Shed right here.


Skallops are the best way to build big. They’re a construction toy that uses clever laser cut clips—Skallops—and any kind of playing cards to let you create anything that you can imagine. In addition to the Junior Pack, which comes with 52 Skallops and one deck of cards (that’s one Skallop per card!), we also have four special sculpture kits — Dinosaur, Dragon, Airplane and Bird. These come with pre-cut and printed cards along with step-by-step instructions and enough Skallops for you to build a sculpture. See all five of our Skallop product here.

Artec Educational Kid’s Kits

We have ten fantastic new kits in from Artec Educational. These make great beginner kits; they’re perfect for kids just looking to get into electronics, science, or remote control. We also have a special coupon code for these kits — 10% off until the end of this month. Use code “ARTEC10” at checkout! Head over to the vendor page here for a full list of the products.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions about the new products listed above. Happy making!

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