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Your Comments


And we’re back with our forty-sixth installment of Your Comments. Here are our favorites from the past week, from Makezine, our Facebook page, and Twitter.

In response to Sandwich Caddy from a Milk Jug, William Abernathy says:

Nothing sticks to polyethylene for very long. The stick-on Velcro will grab its mate harder than its sticky back can hang onto the jug unless you stitch it to the plastic. Better to crimp in a snap or cut a tab-and-slot closure to make this work for more than one sandwich (or photo shoot).

In the piece MAKE Asks: Household Hacks, Karl remarks:

In an old apartment I used to live in I had a ceiling fan. I hacked a digital alarm clock to turn on the fan at the right time then hacked the fan to open the shades over the window that faced the sunrise. Worked well but no way to snooze button the sun.

In response to Carved Mushroom Skulls, Twitter user Miss Butler says:

Great to balance out all the sugar skulls in my life

In the piece Brazilian 3D Printer Company Weighs in on the Makerbot Controversy, Greg says:

Isn’t the Makerbot just moving to more of a “mainstream” audience/customer? I bought one of their first printers and was really bummed about the difficulty in setting the unit up and the difficult software interface. Sure, as makers, this wasn’t an issue – it was part of the fun. However, for the regular Joe out there who just wants to print out a 3d version of something they made on Google Sketchup, the thing needs to be plug and play. If the dream of a “3D printer on every desk” is ever to be realized, it will need to be user friendly and affordable. Seems like they’re going in exactly the correct direction.

Those makers were able to turn something they love into something they can make a living off of. Something we can all aspire to.

In the article Gigantic Speaker, Back to the Future Style, Facebook user Shelley Finance Spranza writes:

The fact that the lights are arranged like the pattern in the Flux Capacitor is just another bit of awesomeness!

In the article Maker Faire New York: 3D Printer Census 2012, user misc writes:

Great photos! As a non biased viewer I thought the form 1 was an incredible 3D printer(SLA). For filament printers I loved the delta printers. The pancake bot was a great mix of digital accuracy with analog fluidity. I particularly enjoyed the one guy walking around with his printer hanging from his hand as it happily printed away.

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