A Taste of San Diego Comic-Con Cosplay

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A Taste of San Diego Comic-Con Cosplay

San Diego Comic-Con has really grown to be a very substantial event for both the entertainment industry and the community of enthusiasts that supports it. Not only can you attend panels of various industry folks and mingle with the creators themselves, you can enjoy the excitement and passion of the cosplay crowd in attendance.

This year, we didn’t quite arrange a photographer in time for the event, but luckily a few members of the Make community were happy to send us some of their favorite costumes from the event! We want to send out a big thanks to Eric DeGroat, Alex McMillan and Jubal McMillan for sending us these pictures.

The cosplay makers are the ones that I really get excited about when I think of San Diego Comic-con. This really is the place to show off your best build and this year they didn’t dissapoint.

Ranging from devoted recreations from popular properties to artistic reinterpretations and mashups of common characters, you can really find it all there.


This is just a taste, a drop in the bucket really, of the awesome cosplay you would see at San Diego Comic-Con, and we love it.

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And now that the event is over, it’s time to start working on your cosplay for next year! get to work makers!

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