ABC’s American Inventor – Recap, Episode 3

ABC’s American Inventor – Recap, Episode 3

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Here it is the third episode of ABC’s American Inventor. Before we get started, be sure to check out our coverage of the two hour premiere, the 2nd episode and the forum where you can post about it.Ok, show opens – new voice over, more throaty. They’re in DC. It’s America time! Peter, Mary-Lou, Ed and Doug break it down for us! 3 yeses get you in, then 12 will get $50k…then one will win the $1mm!!

Invention #1: DC, It’s a robotic pet petter. It’s a robot arm that pets your dog. YOU’RE A GOOD BOY. BLEEP. ZORK. Judges all say no. No robot for you fido, the judge calls it a dog freak out machine.

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Invention #2: DC, Exercise toner belt. Belt with bungie-like cords to pull against. The judges want the “unfit” judge to try it out, sorry Doug. Whoa, what is going on now? Some weird judge dreamy camera shots, is there a hidden love between Doug and Mary Lou? No, not even reality TV editing can paint that picture. Yeses all around.

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Invention #3: NYC, Munk’s older brother – another pet invention, make it stop. It’s called the Shapoopie. You catch the dog poop in a little container. One yes, one no (judge doesn’t want to catch poo), next judge no – game over.

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Rumble clock, touch glove for basketball, chair for tailgating.

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Invention #4: DC, disposable bedding. The judges want to see it, but she wants to finish her speech. It’s not about the sheets, it’s about some awkward retired school teacher bickering – ok. This is a real TV moment. She’s in, but just to annoy Peter.

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Invention #5: SF, Guy in wheelchair, says he can’t floss, made a flosser shaped like a question mark. One yes, one no, two more yesses – he’s in!

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Invention #6: SF, Bra for women with breast implants. Over 350k women have implants, they need better bras (so the inventor says). Not enough yeses.

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Bye bye – hat for fingers, stick with a speaker, all with the music “Bye-bye”. Sigh.

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Invention #7: NY, Toe jam – it’s jam in a toe shaped jar, and you push out the jam between the toes. Gross, all nos.

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Invention #8: NY, Paper plate with a drink holder. It’s a plate with a hole in it, for drinks. They’re making fun of the judge…”Here’s Mr. Know-it-all. I can’t tell if he made it through, it’s getting hard to watch this.

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Invention #9: NY, Rescue dish – frisbie like device, saves lives – has strings. Looks like it’s all nos. Man, they’re really dragging this one on. Make it stop. Dramatic music. Blames judges for future drowning deaths.

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Invention #10: It’s a spelling game. Looks pretty pro – $80k invested, it’s all on the line. Brings families together, it’s a game where it tells you a letter and a number and you have to come up with a word that starts with the letter and has a number of letters equal to the number. All yeses, BUT one now – the little judge says AMERICAN CANT SPELLZ. Tears! He makes it through.

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