Adhesive Giftwrap

Adhesive Giftwrap

So I catch the innertubes over to OhGizmo this morning and happen upon news of one of those forehead poundingly obvious products that someone should have brought to market decades earlier.,

Too wit: Self Adhesive Wrapping Paper

Well, duh. Take wrapping paper, coat the back with Post-It strength contact adhesive, roll it up, and make a bazillion dollars. Despite the fact that the giftwrapping product marketplace is large and mature, it took ’em until 2008 to get this epiphanous innovation onto the shelves. Yeah, I know… glue research takes time…

Anyway, it really is a brilliant idea… anything that gets adhesive tape out of the hands of the overstressed and overeggnogged is a boon to all mankind, except for the tape manufacturers. Ya just know it’s gonna be expensive.

Or you could snag a can of aerosol stencil adhesive and add the Post It adhesive feature set to the paper of your choice. I love stencil adhesive… the stuff in the pressurized metal can is preferable to the pump-action spray bottle or (perish he thought) glue stick variants. Just off the top of my head I’ve used it to to hold patterns and templates in position, to do hold stacks of stuff together for gang sanding, to hold the sandpaper in position on improvised sanding blocks, and to reduce slippage on `a carpenter’s square. That’s in the last week, and I’m sure I forgot some. Spray it on a chunk of cheese cloth and have a fresh, new tack cloth every time you do a woodfinish, spray it on your fingers for added grippage when your’e handling weensy components. Spray a patch on your bench and use it as a corral for the small bits that always end up on the floor. Clean it off your hands wih a bit of olive oil, remove it from metal with a shot of WD-40, and sand it out of bare wood stock with steel wool. This, as Ernie would say, is seriously skookum stuff. So go buy some already

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