Arduino pocket piano synth – coming soon!

Arduino pocket piano synth – coming soon!

Arduino Piano Synth

Coming soon to the Maker store – The Pocket Piano Arduino Shield, from Critter and Guitari –

This is a board for making the Arduino into a portable stand alone music synthesizer. It plugs directly into the Arduino board and provides 25 multiplexed keys (2 full octaves), 4 pots, status LED, reset switch, digital to analog converter IC, and a RCA audio jack. The Arduino board with its powerful AVR processor is more than adequate for a wide range of sound synthesis techniques. We have experimented with simple additive / wave-table synthesis, frequency modulation, ring modulation, sampling, polyphony, various arpeggiators. The whole thing can be powered over the Arduino’s USB port for convenient experimenting.

So very awesome – start planning that cool enclosure design, we’ll keep you posted as to availability.

Arduinosynth Alpha
Arduinosynth alpha

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