Baghdad Community Hackerspace Workshops

Baghdad Community Hackerspace Workshops

Bilal Ghalib is kickstarting an effort to hold hackerspace-style workshops in Baghdad, Iraq.

Hackerspaces build hope by giving people access to tools and a local/global community through which people are enabled to invent their own future.

We need your support to extend our reach into Baghdad. Without your support we cannot run these events in Iraq:

Riwaya wa Bidaya (Oct 5): A livestream conference to share stories of everyday superheroes in Baghdad who take initiative to solve problems. We are inviting submissions until Sept 22 – top stories will be illustrated by a professional graphic comic book artist and published in Arabic and English.

‘Amal wa Amal (Oct 18-19): In collaboration with TEDxBaghdad, we are setting up a temporary community hackerspace to share local tools and solutions. We hope this will provide an inspiration for an ongoing community and hackerspace to develop in Baghdad.

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  1. docpop says:

    The photo above is from Noisebridge in SF and doesn’t appear to be related to Bilal or the Kickstarter. Maybe posting the KS video would make more sense.

    1. John Baichtal says:

      It’s a still from his KS video, which I can’t embed. Watch it!

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