Best of Make: Online 2010 — Tools

Best of Make: Online 2010 — Tools


Here are a few of our favorite tools that we covered in 2010. Please tell us what some of yours were, in the Comments below.


Gorillatorch Blade LED Light, $59.95, Maker Shed [From Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Tools for Makers]



James Vreeland’s homemade hammer, inherited from his grandfather. Read the moving story in the Toolbox: Homeliest tool in the shed.


Pt 10263

Pt 10264
Tim Oelker’s toolbox with hammer handle


A little self-serving, but we love our Make: Electronics Deluxe Toolkit from Maker Shed. We think we did a pretty darn good job of sourcing decent tools for the price and assembled a complement of tools that’s perfect for the beginner-to-intermediate electronics hobbyist.



Dual-reading calipers with Imperial/SI units on same dial


DIY powder coating rig


Extech EX330 multimeter [From the Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Electronics Tools]


Metcal Soldering Iron [From the Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Electronics Tools]



ShopBot Desktop, a smaller, less expensive answer to their bigger CNC machines. The Desktop has a cutting volume of 24″ x 18″ x 2″ and pricing starts at $5290.

And, the #1 most talked about, celebrated, debated, and future-glimpsing tool of 2010 is…


MakerBot Thing-o-Matic [From the Holiday Gift Guide 2010: 3D Fabrication]

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