Book Review: Tiny Homes

Book Review: Tiny Homes


Book Review: Tiny Homes by Lloyd Kahn

Review by Meara O’Reilly

In the county, where I built my tiny house, anything smaller than a shed (10’x16′) doesn’t require permitting, which meant that my partner and I could avoid all the hassles and red tape and get right down to finding salvaged materials and building! Throughout the project we kept a close watch on Lloyd Kahn’s blog, where he posted prolifically about the process of making his gorgeous new book, Tiny Homes. Kahn has long documented the gems of the DIY house-building movement, but the houses here are even more inventive and unique to make up for their lack of space. Many of the pictures in the book come from blog readers, so the resolution is well matched for reading on a device, and the pictures pop even more than they do in print.

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