Budget Friendly Maker Shed Gift Guide!


Giving to Makers can get pricey over the holiday season, so we’ve put together the Maker Shed Under $35 Gift Guide. The products in this gift guide range from kids’ gifts to microcontroller accessories for the advanced Maker. Your recipients (and your wallet!) will thank you for items such as the ever-popular Learn to Solder Kit or get their glow on with EL-Wire Starter Packs (10ft). Brew some holiday cheer with our Brew It Yourself Root Beer or Ginger Ale and pair your drink with a sweet favorite, the Make Your Own Gummies Kit.


Get Medieval this holiday season with a Trebuchet Kit from Oakland Ballistics! Trebuchets were originally used to fling heavy projectiles at enemy fortresses in the Middle Ages with the aid of a counterweight system.  The Trebuchet Kit that we offer is a miniature version, but even at only 19 inches high it can still fling a rubber ball up to 30 feet! The kit comes with all the materials needed, including ammunition, and there are no special tools for assembly.  Handmade in Michigan and perfect for science projects and schools, launch your way into your recipient’s heart with the Trebuchet Kit.


In the 1970s, color organs were used to pulse lighting in discos around the world.  In a smaller scale, the Color Organ Triple Deluxe II Kit lights up the room with the rhythms of the music you choose.  Without the aid of a microcontroller, the Color Organ Triple Deluxe divides sound waves into three distinct bands and controls the LED rows according to the beat.  The assembly is straightforward, but a small amount of beginner-friendly soldering is involved.  The Color Organ Triple Deluxe will transform your workspace or bedroom into a dance floor– just add the tunes!


Charge on the run with our MintyBoost USB Charger Kit v3.0, which converts the energy from two AA batteries (not included) into a USB charge for your phone or mobile device, including eReaders and handheld gaming devices.  A useful gift for almost anyone on your list, the MintyBoost USB Charger works with all the latest Apple products, as well as Samsung, Motorola, and HTC, among others.  Though a tin is not included, you can purchase a snazzy Make Project Tin to accompany the MintyBoost USB Charger.

Check out the rest of the items over at the Maker Shed Under $35 Gift Guide – you’ll save so much cash on presents for others, you can snag something for yourself!

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