CellularRecombomat circuit-bent-cellular-automata-synth

CellularRecombomat circuit-bent-cellular-automata-synth

Univac Automata Front
Univac Automata Back

As if forged in an alternate future’s recent past, now materializing before us – The CellularRecombomat patch-bay circuit bent cellular automata video synth!

My main idea with this gadget was to have optical control over the three main basic cellular automata (CA) controls (which are controlled by the pots on the right side, from the top): algorithm (the algorithm used to generate the type of cell which also controls what tone is generated based on the object created), width across the grid, and speed of cellular generation, each line generated one at a time from top to bottom. I replaced the LEDs in the snake lites reaching in from behind with optical resistors and each equate to the three pot-based control parameters. Ultimately I wanted to have the optical resistors control the output to the video screen, thus creating a recombinant feedback control loop.

But the build didn’t quite go as planned (really now, what fun if they did?) Read more on the Recombomat’s realization and see/fear it in action at Univac’s site – CellularRecombomat: patch-bay circuit bent cellular automata video synth

In the Maker Shed:
Dg Cellularautomata Crop
“Critter & Guitari” Cellular Automata Video Synthesizer Kit

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