CES 2018 Updates and Hot Takes

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CES 2018 Updates and Hot Takes

CES, the massive annual Consumer Electronics Show is getting ready to open its doors to the waiting throngs of tech-heads and journalists. This event brings out all the biggest manufacturers and the promising (and sometimes silly) startups to show off the latest and greatest they have to offer. There was a time that it was only cameras, phones, televisions, and dvd players but the amount and diversity of tech has expanded over the years. We expect to see announcements and demos from all kinds of areas including 3D Printing and Virtual Reality. Who knows what surprises are in store!

Keep your eyes on this space and we’ll be updating it constantly with the news that we see popping up that we think makers will want to see.

A new $99 toy drone has Intel and DJI flight technologyThe Verge

Hot take: The more consumer that drones get, the more they look alike. This one happens to look pretty much just like the Parrot Mambo. The tech inside could be completely different though.

Robotic suitcase with facial recognitionDaily Mail

Hot take: Personal droids are a reality! Lots of tech on this thing — facial detection, cameras, lidar, and more — but I’ll always be uneasy taking my eyes off my luggage at the airport. Also, pretty reminiscent of this Maker Share project: Robotic Rolling Backpack.


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MyLiFi promises to transmit internet access via your desk lampThe Verge

Hot take: LiFi (light-based internet) has been promised for years now, and being a crowdfunded project, it’s hard to envision this platform being the one that makes it a reality. Newcomers have proven the doubters wrong, however (looking at you, LIFX). I gotta wonder if an imperceptible flicker from the bulb will create headaches after hours of exposure.

Nvidia and Volkswagen team up for self-driving cars CNET

Hot take: Nvidia’s trajectory continues to curve upwards, while VW is still reeling from their diesel-emissions scandal. This partnership could be a nice reset. But, while autonomous vehicles seem to be the big trend at CES this year, we really want to know when they’re going to actually show up at our houses and drive us to work. Soon, please!

ASUS Tinker Board gets an updateEngadget

Hot take: While the $60 price tag might seem like a big jump from some of it’s competitors, the increased power is likely to be well worth that price point for a user who needs it

VR Takes the Next Step Forward with the Vive Pro and Vive Wireless AdaptorGizmodo

Hot take: Small but good updates to the existing Vive. Probably not worth an upgrade for existing users, but nice for those just getting into it. The wireless adapter would be a nice addition to anyone’s setup.

Makeblock’s Codey Rocky wants to be your kid’s cute coding robot friendEngadget

Hot take: the crowdfunding for this looks like they’ll at least get the money to produce it. A target price point of $100 means that this might be much more accessible than the others that are popping up closer to $1,000 right now.


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Autel Evo foldable droneAutel

Hot take: GoPro’s Karma drone is officially grounded for good, but in its demise a new foldable drone rises to offer an alternative to DJI’s Mavic — the Autel Evo, in the company’s signature orange. The release video looks good, but with drones, it’s about the software experience now. No price or release date yet.


Weird baby thingWired

Hot take: Uhhh…. what?

Sphero spin-off Misty Robotics unveils its first robot for developersEngadget

Hot take: $1,500 for a smart platform on wheels. Not really sure who the target market is for this bot.

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