CNCing a Hackerspace Passport Stamp

CNCing a Hackerspace Passport Stamp

Like many hackerspaces, Watertown, Connecticut’s CT Hackerspace has adopted the hackerspace passport as a way of creating a record of one’s travels. The idea is that, like a real passport, you can bring your hackerspace passport when you visit a space and they’ll stamp it.

Rather than send out their logo and have a service create their stamp, CT Hackerspace carved their own out stamp rubber purchased from a craft store. It looks great!

We already had our logo made in Inkscape so we converted it to dxf format and loaded into Draft Sight, a free and awesome 2D CAD program from Dassault Systemes. The coolest part of this fully function software may be that it runs on linux. But anyways, the design was modified to meet the size requirements specified on the Noisebridge site. Some of the geometry had to be changed to allow our smallest endmill (1/32″) to mill out the pockets required. REMEMBER to mirror your CAD drawing at this time so that your stamp doesn’t stamp a mirror image of your logo! We didn’t make this mistake at first, of course, because that would have been really dumb and completely obvious after the fact.

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