Crafty State Pride

I’m from Michigan and, yes, I use my hand as a map on a weekly basis. Much like learning our state stone is the petoskey and our tree is the white pine, Michigan children are taught at an early age that hands also double as maps here in the “Mitten” state. And why not? We’ve got the cutest state in the union. Just try and make your hand into a map, Idaho. Just try.

Since we carry a little bit of Michigan with us everyday, it’s no surprise that Michigan crafters love to use their home as a design inspiration. For my craft group, our Mitten pins are how we identify ourselves. At Michigan craft fairs you’ll find T-shirts with Mitten outlines, old tourism slogans on bags, etc. But Michigan gets city specific, too. Sibling duo Emily and Andy Linn show off their Detroit pride via City Bird, a company dedicated to all things Detroit.
I’ll admit, I thought Michigan won the “we love our hometown” crafty competition. Until I went to Ohio this summer.
The gals behind the Crafty Columbus Cotillion love them some Ohio. Imagine my surprise when I saw Made By Amy D’s Ohio corn pins?! Color me impressed. Their group members made everything from Ohio coffee cup sleeves to Buckeye rosaries.
This got me thinking. Which other areas of the country are crafters showing off their local pride? Based on the looks of Rar Rar Press postcard (pictured up top), is the Midwest the winner?! Or is it NYC?! What about Texas?! After watching Maptote featured on Martha Stewart’s Brooklyn show last month, I checked out their line of city bags and paper goods (I suggested Detroit be the next city to get the Maptote treatment!) and wondered who else was making crafts with the geographic touch. A little sleuthing on Etsy brought up some cool findings.
Truche makes some great heart-loving state necklaces.
Jet Set Paper also takes a nationwide approach to its line of notecards.
Megan Lee gets the Chicago vote with her tote (barf, I just rhymed).
Just a sampling of what’s out there. I’d love to know if you have a favorite crafter using a state or city for their products’ inspiration. Do you like to buy crafts that feature your state? Let me know. I’d love to post more findings.

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