Crowdfunding Friday: Our Favorite Projects This Week

Crowdfunding Friday: Our Favorite Projects This Week

Here at Make, we’ve been fans of crowdfunding as a way for makers to move their dreams from prototype to product for a long time. We are just now starting to take baby steps towards curating and recommending these kinds of projects to our readers, but we think this can be a valuable service, since we have so many connections to the makers taking these leaps, and those who already have. If we can help readers find and support great projects, and if we can help makers connect with other successful makers, then we’ll have made a difference.

With all that in mind, here are a few of the cool projects we’re keeping an eye on at the various crowdfunding sites this week:

1. Monkey Light Pro: an Editors’ Choice award winner at this year’s Maker Faire Bay Area, this will be a must-have for bicylists who want to show off a little personal style (and kick night-riding safety up a few notches).

2. Hex Humanoid Robot Platform: makers building a robot for educational outreach – there are not many more worthy, and awesome, projects than this!

3. Ember & Torch: boards and software to bridge the gap between your Arduino projects and your mobile devices. These are the tools that keep the innovation in personal electronics growing at warp speed!

See the rest of our curated projects on our Kickstarter page (Indiegogo to come soon!):

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