DIY: Bee Keeping

DIY: Bee Keeping

The Bee Source has a lot of useful information on bee keeping. What got my attention were all the free plans for building things like a honey extractor, solar wax melter and the Bee Vac. Most, if not all, of the plans have a web page and a PDF download. I never knew you could purchase bees on the Internet?

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2 thoughts on “DIY: Bee Keeping

  1. Jason Striegel says:

    I’ve been keeping bees in the back yard for two years now. It’s a blast and it’s quite easy to get started.

    Here’s a link to a previous article on backyard beekeeping with a few photos of yours truly:

    The University of Minnesota has a few classes for amateur beekeepers, and a number of online resources at their bee lab website. It’s aother good place for info:

    I’d recommend finding a local amateur beekeeping group and downloading as much info as you can get your hands on. Next spring you can be ready to start a hive of your own.

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