DIY Dirkon Paper Camera

DIY Dirkon Paper Camera

dirkon_02s.jpgHere’s a fascinating project and history of the Dirkon paper camera. The name Dirkon is a play on words based on the combination of the parts of two words: Dirk- is the beginning of the Czech word dirka – pinhole, and -kon is the end of the name of a well-known Japanese camera. The site has a gallery, instructions, tips and printable templates to make your own. Link.

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  1. crunchbot says:

    after seeing this post on BoingBoing, i constructed the dirkon camera this week. it took me about 5 hours actual construction time. studiotac, super glue gel and careful cutting and folding helped. i think it was a success. here’s a link to pictures i took the following morning and had Rite-Aid develop. One thing the directions neved mentioned was making it safe from light leakage, which is did, somewhat unsuccessfully after seeing my negatives, with black acrylic paint and electrical tape.


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