DIY Crimp-Hold Climbing Mug

DIY Crimp-Hold Climbing Mug

Here at the Make and Craft offices, we enjoy rock climbing. In fact, some of us spent the evening of the summer solstice this year climbing outdoor boulders at the ocean, not too far from the office. Above is a photo of the group, taken from the top of the rock.
So, when I recently came across the Cliff Hanger Mug, from design firm The Play Coalition, I knew I had to share it. They substitute a crimp (a small hand/foot hold for rock climbers) in place of the mug handle. Pretty funny.
And it turns out happysnapper on Imgur (Scott Fong) was inspired by their idea, so there is now a tutorial for making your own, using epoxy putty to hold the crimp on after you chip off the handle.

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