DrinkShield for Arduino (and DrinkDuino)

DrinkShield for Arduino (and DrinkDuino)

The DrinkDuino drinking game was the perfect excuse for me to get my first Arduino. After ordering the DrinkShield breathalyzer kit and an Arduino Uno to drive it, I hastily pieced it together on my living room floor. The kit was simple enough, all components were included, and the instructions online were quick and easy.

Once I finished the build and uploaded the software, I informed my girlfriend that she would have to “drink for science!” Needless to say, she happily did her part. The next several days were spent playing with it and whatever alcohol we could find around my office.

The open-source DrinkDuino Game software uses the DrinkShield API and is a big hit with everyone. It’s simple enough for a drunk to play, but fun enough to keep them interested. DrinkShield developer Craig Smith is incredibly helpful, and when I had some issues setting up the game, he helped me stumble though. All in all, DrinkDuino is a must for any get-together featuring adult beverages. Cheers!

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