Dry-Ice Martini and electric cake

Dry-Ice Martini and electric cake

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Nice “food hacking” article featuring a lot of Makers – Dry-Ice Martini and electric cake @ The NY Times!

Two weeks ago, Mr. Buckley took gallons and gallons of liquid nitrogen to Austin, Texas, for Maker Faire, an annual gathering sponsored by Make magazine, one of the bibles of the do-it-yourself movement. Like tens of thousands of other craft types, they were there with a project: Microbatch Cryogenic Ice Cream. The mixture of heavy cream and liquid nitrogen freezes almost instantly at room temperature, so patrons can make up their own ice cream flavors, mix and eat them on the spot. (Most authorities recommend protective gear when working with liquid nitrogen.)

“What I learned at Maker Faire is that people never think that their own flavor creations are bad,” Mr. Buckley said last week at Ms. Binns’s apartment in Brooklyn, calmly splashing the smoking gas over his outstretched palm into a bowl of heavy cream, sugar, muddled mint leaves and rye whisky. “Even if everyone else thinks it’s disgusting.”


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