Review of mBot Neo

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Review of mBot Neo

What is the mBot Neo, anyway?

The mBot Neo a coding robot that makes learning interactive, engaging, and loads of fun! With its cutting-edge technology, this educational robot takes learning to a whole new level by showcasing real-world applications, and we need to mention lego compatibility too.


How To Put mBot Neo Together

The instructions were clear, and we primarily relied on the assembly pictures. Every step had a picture to go along with it. My daughter assembled the mBot with ease and independence in less than a half hour and was ready to start programming.

The mBot is a sturdy and compact build. The main frame is made out of aluminum, and the plastic pieces are high quality and durable. One thing I always appreciate is when tools are provided. In this case, everything you need is included, and the screwdriver is of good quality and will be kept to use again. Additionally, I noticed that all the screws are labeled, and some extra ones are included, just in case.


How To Use mBot Neo

Get started with the mBot Neo by simply turning it on with a click of a button – the battery is charged and ready to go right out of the box. You’ll notice the convenient controller on top and a port on the bottom that securely clicks into the robot.  This is a clever way to keep the excitement of the build going.  Once children have completed the build, they can take a play break, drive the mBot around, and get excited about coding it. The mBot Neo goes beyond just basic functionality. It features full gyro controls, and ultrasonic sensors, and even supports voice commands. So it is time to get to programming.

Now to Code

The mBot offers two programming options: a Scratch-based block coding program called mBlock and Arduino C programming. 

mBlock is a user-friendly coding platform where kids can code by simply clicking and assembling blocks of code. This eliminates the fear of typing errors that hamper learning code.

Those who want to delve into more advanced programming and have greater control over the robot’s hardware can switch to Arduino C or Python. These are “real” programming language that allows for more complex projects.

What sets the mBot apart is its ability to adapt to your child’s coding skills and interests. As they progress and become more experienced, they can switch between languages to tackle more sophisticated projects.


The mBot is an adorable and user-friendly robot packed with endless activities. Its ease of use and range of applications has made the mBot a regular guest on playdates with kids from ages 5-16!  My older son and his friends may or may not have taken it from my daughter’s room a few times.



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