Flashback: Criminal Crafts Project Excerpt: How to Make a Glue Gun Bandolier

Flashback: Criminal Crafts Project Excerpt: How to Make a Glue Gun Bandolier

I love crafts with a bit of an edge to them, and the projects in the new book, Criminal Crafts, from Shawn Bowman (a.k.a Miss Demeanor,) deliver edge in a big way.

Criminal Crafts: Outlaw Projects for Scoundrels, Cheats, and Armchair Detectives is a sassy manifesto of 30 projects steeped in noir and espionage culture. From making John Dillinger’s notorious soap gun, to crime scene tape messenger bags and flaming drinks- there is something fun and practical for every devious crafter.

But just because a project has a nefarious bent to it doesn’t mean it can’t be hugely practical as well. Case in point: the glue gun bandolier. Sure, it looks totally rad and intimidating, but Shawn points out it’s also really handy when you’re powering through a project and need to keep reloading your glue gun. Get all the steps for making your own after the jump or download the full PDF from the book, and be sure to check out all the other fun stuff in Criminal Crafts.
How to Make a Glue Gun Bandolier
by Shawn Bowman a.k.a. Miss Demeanor

Excerpted from Criminal Crafts © by Shawn Bowman, photos by Laura and Rob Sams, used with permission by Andrews McMeel Publishing
The Glue Gun Bandolier looks fierce and is ridiculously easy to put together. A fashionable and handy statement in organized crime it can also hold pens and paintbrushes too!

Want to shout out to the world that you are a bad ass crafter? This super fashionable belt can be worn around your chest in true Zapata revolutionary style or wrapped around your waist, putting glue sticks within easy reach for rapid fire craft action. Since you’ll be using a lot of hot glue to craft up this lil’ gem, it’s a pay-to-play project, highlighting your skills as a true craftista.
Seatbelt strapping or other webbing
Military belt buckle or strap fasteners also known as “metal slides”
Glue sticks
1. Measure length of webbing starting with the top of your shoulder, down diagonally across your chest, under your arm to the back side, up diagonally across your back and meeting again at the top of your shoulder with some additional room left to adjust the belt. My belt measures out 55″.
2. Cut a second 30″ strip of webbing which will be used to secure the glue sticks to the belt.
3. Lay webbing diagonally across chest in bandito fashion. With chalk, mark point where belt meets top of your collar bone.
4. Spread belt out on flat surface. Glue 1″ of shorter webbing to belt at chalk line.
5. Fold shorter webbing away from bottom piece and snuggly place 1st glue stick on belt where two pieces meet.
6. Draw line of hot glue directly next to glue stick, you’ll want to make sure the glue is as close to the stick as possible so the pieces don’t fall out of your holster during vigorous craft/revolution settings.
7. Fold top webbing down to glue, securing stick inside.
8. Repeat this process for each stick until all pieces have been attached.
9. Fit buckle pieces on to belt and don with pride.

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