Formufit sells maker-focused PVC attachments

Formufit sells maker-focused PVC attachments

An anonymous reader sent in a link to this neat store. Basically, Formufit sells PVC connectors intended for maker projects. They feature glossy, unmarked fittings for pipe sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 2″.

Just like many of our customers, we got our start making household objects out of PVC pipe and hardware store fittings. However, the plumbing-grade fittings we had access to did not meet the needs of our more and more intense and complex projects. They also were not as attractive or flexible in their roles, and just didn’t fit the bill.

Our PVC fittings are high quality; ultraviolet stabilized and made specifically for structure and design applications. What you can create is only limited by your mind and creative prowess, and one can literally create thousands of items using our fittings and off-the-shelf PVC pipe.

So what is the difference between our fittings and what you can get at your local hardware store? Well for one, our fittings have a high glossy finish. There are no manufacturer stampings, raised lettering or barcodes and all of the ends are flush-tapered and are made to look good in whatever application you put them to use in. Additionally our fittings withstand the abuse that sunlight applies to most PVC-based plastic products, keep their color and wont yellow or fade.

As a bonus, they provide Google SketchUp files of all of their connectors so you can plan before you buy.

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