Giving Away The LeapFrog Creatr XL

Giving Away The LeapFrog Creatr XL


A couple weeks ago, we announced that together with Leapfrog, we were going to give one lucky person a very nice 3D Printer. Well, the time has come for us to deliver on our word.

There were over 600 entries, all trying to get our attention. The comment section was absolutely packed with heart warming stories of bonding with fathers and heart wrenching tales of lost time and lost family. We read through each and every one. After we reconvened and shared notes, we found that many of us literally laughed out loud when we encountered the winner.  In light of the fact that we all had different thoughts on who deserved it the most, or who’s story was the most touching, we ultimately agreed that our universal response to this particular comment made it the clear winner.


Eric Gascione

Dad seems to always be stubbing his toe around the house. And when he does, his yells are so loud and the house starts to shake and he becomes very grumpy. So we, his beloved daughters, have found solution! Behold, the toe protector! It has a proximity sensor to alert the wearer of impending objects, a spring on the front to reduce the intensity of impact and redirect the force to send the foot back, and a gentle sloping body to redirect the force and let the toe slide upwards and out of harm! This invention will save his feet! We would help fine tune the design and build it, while our dad shows us how to put the sensor on the body and how to create and print the body!



leapfrog_125x125_bur1So Eric, you’ve won yourself and your daughters a chance to deliver on this promise. You now have no excuse not to make this protective device, document the process, and share the results. We absolutely can not wait to see you walking around with this on your foot.

In order to claim your prize, you’re going to have to email me (Caleb) and prove you are who you say are and get me your personal information. That is, if you can make it back to the computer without your toe protector!

This contest was ridiculously fun. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. I know that everyone would have loved to win, and we would have loved to give everyone the prize, but unfortunately a single winner must be chosen. Thanks to Leapfrog 3D printers, at least one person gets to claim this awesome prize!

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