Grow your own salad – AeroGardens

Grow your own salad – AeroGardens

Carolyn writes – “We planted the AeroGrow’s hydroponic garden this weekend. They “guarantee” that this thing would work…so we are posting updates on our site over the next few months…watch and see if this AeroGarden grows”Link & assembly.

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44 thoughts on “Grow your own salad – AeroGardens

  1. joesan says:

    This looks like a great candidate for a Make project. Anyone have ideas how to make your own especially to avoid repeat costs on the seed pods and nutrients?

  2. joesan says:

    This looks like a great candidate for a Make project.

    Anyone have ideas how to make your own especially to avoid repeat costs on the seed pods and nutrients?

  3. nitr0burn says:

    I know how this could be modded!!! ;)

  4. Bugmenot says:

    I’m really tempted to get one of these because every plant I try to grow dies fast.

    The $150 price tag just seems steep, it will never pay for itself in grown food, especially with the price of the pods.

    I’m also worried that since its so new the company won’t make it and I won’t be able to get pods.

  5. o-tang says:

    I’ve been thinking of a project similar to this; using hydroponics and mainly red LEDs for lighting to grow fresh herbs and salad (etc) on top of my kitchen cabinets. =) But so far it’s still in the “research” stage.

    By using a simpel homemade pic-controled hydroponics system it would idealy need almost no maintnace. And since chlorophyll absorbs light mainly at two diffrent specific wavelengths ~(red and blue), red LEDs would be ideal, producing almost no waste light or heat. =D

  6. jake95825 says:

    I really want to buy this, but like the others, I think it is too much. It was designed to force you to buy their replacement parts. The multi spectrum compact lights are only a few bucks at the store. They changed the fitting so that a store bought light would not fit the socket. There is so much info on the net about making homemade versions. They do not look as nice as this unit though. It seem like the most expensive parts are the pump (and mister/nebulizer, if it uses one) and the lights. If I do buy this, I would recycle the plant holders, use my own seeds and fertilizer, and maybe try to re-wire the lamp sockets. I would love to get this thread going.

  7. kingnothing says:

    Believe it or not, this thing actually works. I purchased 2 of them about 7 months ago, and have successfully harvested their Salad Greens Kit, and a Gourmet Herbs kit…both were excellent. With all of the discussion about growing your own seeds, and how it was aparently impossible to use your own seeds (it’s a marketing thing to get you to buy their seed kits), I decided to try it. I called a couple different companies selling the AeroGarden to see if they had any tips for me, with no luck except for The AeroGarden Store ( They were pretty helpful. I dismantled the seed kits and replaced the grow sponge with my own Bell Pepper impregnated sponge. What do you know, it actually grew! Too big for the 18 inch garden though; so for those of you curious about growing “alternative herbs” you can forget it. If you can find plants that only reach a max height of 18 inches or so, you might have some luck. Overall, this is a great product and I have no complaints.

  8. ruis2007 says:

    Check out this indoor hydroponics system:

    or the Phillips Herbarium (which they aren’t selling yet, it is still a “concept”):

    and instructions for students on how to build hydroponics systems:

    and more from the National Gardening Association:

  9. jts690 says:

    Yep this puppy really works.
    Don’t worry about not being able to buy seed pods, you can recycle and or make you’re own it’s easy as pie:)
    Check out the pics of my AeroGarden and my three day old seedlings.

  10. shanstress says:

    OK jts690, how do you recycle and make your own seed pods. Just got my lettuce set up and turned on (Christmas gift), and I’m not looking forward to paying $20 for each set in the future.

    If you can, email the directions to me at


  11. bulldawg says:

    I have my new Aerogarden up and running, started Christmas Day…so far everything seems to be working fine (the basic herb garden)…all pods have sprouts coming up except one and it looks close…

    I am also hoping to experiment with reusing the seed cups so would love to hear about anyone else’s experience doing this and the results. I wonder what to do for the nutrients as well.

    I will keep posting as my garden grows!!!

    Happy Gardening..

  12. jts690 says:

    Here is my Aerogarden replacement seed pod

  13. ctaatgt says:

    jts690, how long did it take for the seeds to sprout?

  14. jimnyo says:

    hi jts690, thanks for the pix of the replacement seed pod…that’s a 35mm film canister, correct? what do you fill/stuff it with? i just got my aerogarden today, used, on craigslist for $75! woo–hoo! so i’ve got to order a seed kit, but after that i’d like to try the DIY method. can someone PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAASE post instructions, or better yet, a site, that tells how i can: 1) make the fertilizer solution and in what proportion and 2) use my own seeds? the tips already posted are great, but i need more detail. thanks SO much!!

  15. jts690 says:

    Depends on which seeds, the Basil, Parsley and Chives took only 3 days to sprout up.
    The other 2 seeds didn’t sprout for 7 days and within 4 weeks the Cilantro and Mint died. The Dill and Purple Basil never sprouted at all.
    5 Weeks out and my Italian Basil is dying, it has brown/ blackish roots with mold on the upper roots, coming out of the bottom of the seed pod.
    My Parsley plant is very small, with a 2/3 of the plant just not looking healthy:(

  16. Mudville says:

    Don’t buy an Aerogarden….the electric pump in mine
    failed a month ago…seven months from new and I have
    found that it is virtually impossible to get service
    from them. No one answers phones or emails. I
    received a phone call about 4 weeks ago that they were
    going to send me a new pump butit never gat here and,
    as usual, nobody answers repeated emails or phone
    calls…..plants are wilting.

  17. Lee says:

    Did anyone come up with a way to use their own seed mixtures? The replacement kits are too expensive and I would love to make my own custom blends of herbs and vegetables.

  18. lights grow says:

    This one is really one of the most informative post regarding Aero Gardens. As the hydroponics is really known for it’s incredibility. As soil is not used in this gardening. And water, mineral nutritions and LED lights are really playing the major role for this indoor gardening. This one is really the great concept of growing salad in AeroGardens.

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