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Hackerspace Happenings

Are you a hackerspace member? We want to know about cool projects you are working on, or have completed, tools you’re using, fun stories about your space and its members, best practices you’d like to share with other spaces, etc. Say you build a new CNC mill–we want to hear about it! Maybe a member is organizing a Mini Maker Faire, has designed a cool robot, or has built something beautiful out of wood. We want to cover all of these things. Send it to johnb@makezine.com or tweet me at @johnbaichtal and I may be able to post it. Also feel free to subscribe to my hackerspaces Twitter list.

RockIT CoLabs, a New Bay Area Makerspace
RockIT CoLabs is a news space in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Check it out!

Welcome to RockIT >> Part Coworking, part Makerspace – RockIT is a small space where friendly and social people come to collaboratively work and create to produce amazing technology that creates community and makes the world a better place. We have a focus on sharing knowledge, open source, collaborative consumption, disruptive innovation, and small/micro business bootstrapping. We are not a place for secret projects or renting your own private executive suite. We have a variety of office and makerspace amenities. We are just getting started so things are a little rough around the edges. However, we expect that our space will always be a bit more Bohemian that your typical Coworking and bit more organized than your typical hackerspace. We have three floors of space so we encourage people to use the space in the evenings and weekends for small informal low-cost classes and sharing meetups. Above is a list of our upcoming classes and meetups.

Build a Circuit Bent Gift with Jeff and the Multijeffs

Tour Flyer Draft2

Jeff And The Multijeffs would like to announce their upcoming workshop tour. Build a Circuit Bent Gift with Jeff and the Multijeffs! Learn how to solder, learn the basics of electronics and circuit bending, and make a unique circuit bent device of your own! Stay for the *Musical Performance* following the workshop!

Coming to a hackerspace near you!!
Dec. 4 – 7pm Ames Makerspace, Ames, IA
Dec. 6 – 7pm Makerspace Urbana, Urbana, IL
Dec. 7 – 3pm Studio 2091 Mothersbaugh-Roos (art gallery), Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Dec. 14 – 3pm Tinker Mill. Longmont, CO
Dec. 15 – 3pm Solid State Depot, Boulder, CO
Dec. 16 – 7pm DenHac, Denver, CO

3D-Printing Cage Match Party in Chicago
Chicago’s PS:One hackerspace is throwing a 3DP cage match party on Dec. 12:

We’re throwing a 3D Printing Cage Match Party at 7PM at Chicago’s Beauty Bar.

See factory teams, local businesses, and hobbyists compete to print a medieval weapon as fast as possible, and then fire marshmallows at their slower competitors!

LVL1’s Quadcopgter Ultimate Aerical Combat Competition (QUACC)
Louisville’s LVL1 hackerspace is holding a quadcopter competition where the birds try to outlast each other in a battle to the finish. Each quadrotor will have a crepe-paper streamer that its opponents will try to cut with a rotor blade.

On December 21st, at 6pm, LVL1 is hosting its first ever Quadcopter Destruction Competition! Test your aerial skills in the ring of battle in this single-elimination tournament of destruction! For $40, you get a quadcopter, and entry into this one-of-a-kind competition.

The event is limited to sixteen competitors. Sign up on Eventbrite.

Makeblock Workshop at Shenzhen’s Chaihuo Maker Space
Shenzhen OSHW startup Makeblock has been holding events like this robotics workshop using Makeblock’s namesake aluminum beams.

Last Sunday, Makeblock held the First Workshop Stage with Chaihuo Maker Space in Shenzhen. The host Jason Wong, the founder of Makeblock, provided the Makeblock kits and parts and lead the makers to create their first robotic cars.

They also held an event at Xi’an Makerspace.

Milwaukee Makerspace’s Aluminum Anodizing Event Recapped

This looks fascinating!

On November 16th, 2013 we had an Aluminum Anodizing Workshop led by Frankie Flood. We had about 16 members in the workshop, which ran from 10am to 6pm. That seems like a long class, but the first few hours were really dedicated to learning all about the process, and about working with metal.

We learned about annealing metal, about forming it and shaping it, and how to add texture, and ping it with a hammer, and buffing and polishing, and about the anodizing process, and the dying of metal, and how to add resist, and the sealing process.

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