Hackerspace Happenings for April 29

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Hackerspace Happenings for April 29

Are you a hackerspace member? We want to know about cool projects you are working on, or have completed, tools you’re using, fun stories about your space and its members, best practices you’d like to share with other spaces, etc. Say you build a new CNC mill–we want to hear about it! Maybe a member is organizing a Mini Maker Faire, has designed a cool robot, or has built something beautiful out of wood. We want to cover all of these things. Send it to johnb@makezine.com or tweet me at @johnbaichtal and I may be able to post it. Also feel free to subscribe to my hackerspaces Twitter list.

Pebble Smart Watch Programming Class and Hackathon at NYC Resistor

What time is it? It’s time to #MakeAwesomeHappen and learn to program the new Pebble Smart Watch! We’ll be teaching a three hour class on 18 May on how to write custom watch faces that work with the official Pebble SDK. The programming environment is low-level C, with no memory protection, and no emulator nor a debugger, so you’ll need to be fairly comfortable with writing embedded code or at least not afraid to debug with printf()*. If you’ve programmed a device like an Arduino you should be ok with the class. Tickets for the class are on sale for $125. The hackathon afterwards is free!

Factory second Pebbles are available for purchase.

Miss Batazar’s Laboratory, a Feminist Hackerspace
If you’re in Vienna, you should definitely check out Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory, a women-centric hackerspace:

Mz Baltazar’s Laboratory is a feminist hackerspace, specifically for persons who call themselves women or trans. If you love to make things, rather than consuming them, meet up at Mz Baltazar’s to share your skills. Mz Baltazar’s participants come from different backgrounds, ages and mindsets to exchange equipement, build circuits, play with DIY electronics and interactive art. We encourage each other to learn new tools and collaborate. All workshops are free in order to offer a fearless, accessible plattform to tinker with male connotated toys. The artwork created at Mz Baltazar’s Laboratory is generated with Open Source Soft- and Hardware.

Renewable Energy Show & Tell at Tokyo Hackerspace
Tokyo Hackerspace will be offering a renewable energy show and tell:

The theme for the May Tokyo PC Users Group monthly meeting is renewable energy. The club is inviting a number of individuals involved in renewable energy projects, be it development or marketing, to give a brief talk on their interests and afterward participate in a discussion / collaboration with other participants and the audience.

The meeting will be held on Friday, May 10th, from 7 pm at the Tokyo Hacker Space space in Shibuya. Some THS members who can contribute to the discussion / collaboration on this topic have agreed to attend as well. The Tokyo Hacker Space provides a video projector, a wi-fi connection and for a nominal fee beer and snacks.

The Makership Program at Milwaukee Makerspace

A Makership at Milwaukee Makerspace consists of a full-time membership, which will give the awarded individual access to the space, its tools, and existing members. Besides helping the selected individual by sharing our skills and knowledge, we may be able to help acquire needed materials for proposed projects. The goal of our Makership program is to give makers the things they need to get making!

We will award the Makership to applicants who can put together the best pitch for (1) what they want to make and (2) how they plan to do it. The project could be anything: an electronic device, an open source software/hardware project, a citizen science project, a project which benefits the community or non-profit organization, or (perhaps) a project we haven’t imagined. We want Milwaukee Makerspace to be the place where these things are made! Milwaukee Makerspace Makerships are open to anyone who could benefit from our community and resources to make something great.

DIY CSI Forensics at Cinci’s Hive13

This sounds like an awesome class!

Join us at Hive13 this Tuesday, May 14, at the 7:30 pm meeting for an informative look into Do-It-Yourself Crime-Scene-Investigation Forensics.

Member Brian Cochran (who is a Detective in the Boone County Sheriff’s Department assigned to crime scene investigation) will use material from the 40-hour course he teaches at the University of Tennessee’s National Forensic Academy. Brian will perform live demonstrations of some of the coolest latent print development techniques; making finger prints appear on paper, making them glow, and fun stuff like that. The presentation will include a brief overview with slides showing real CSI jobs and case studies.

TX/RX Labs Summer Classes
Houston hackerspace TX/RX Labs is offering a bevy of classes on geeky subjects:

TX/RX Labs is proud to announce our Summer 2013 Class Series, featuring ~40 classes in diverse topics such as Welding, Programming, 3d Printing, CNC, CAD, CAM, and much more. We look forward to sharing our excitement for fabrication and innovation with you as we collaborate to extend your abilities and provide you with new resources to use in your own projects and exploits. All classes are taught by volunteers and all proceeds go to support the lab and its non-profit goals.

Space Hacker Workshop at Hacker Dojo

The Silicon Valley’s first ever space hacker workshop will provide hands-on exposure to a variety of microcontrollers, sensors, imaging systems, and other components that you can use to design and build microgravity, fluid-physics, life-science, and engineering experiments and instruments with more power than a NASA satellite from a few years back.
A key aspect of the workshop will feature hands-on training with Arduino technologies and the Ardulab modules from Infinity Aerospace. Co-founders Manu Sharma and Brian Reiger will lead the training work software and hardware examples for microgravity experiments on the XCOR Lynx vehicle.

Tickets are $125 via Eventbrite for a limited time, or $150 at the door.

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