Hacking Together A DIY Resin FDM 3D Printer, Almost

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Hacking Together A DIY Resin FDM 3D Printer, Almost

One of the most fascinating things about the 3D printing community, in my opinion, is how they never stop experimenting! Proper Printing just released this video about trying to build an FDM style resin printer and almost succeeding.

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You’ve probably seen resin printers out there, where you dump a bunch of resin into a vat and light shines up from below to cure the resin and make a model. Well, there are other ways of using this UV curable resin to make 3d models. Some fancy machines that cost many thousands of dollars deposit resin in layers from above, like a typical filament based printer.

Proper Printing wanted to create a DIY version of this method of using resin in an FDM printer sort of way and almost pulled it off. The video is educational and thoroughly entertaining. In the end, it looks like he’s so close to succeeding, so keep an eye on his channel to see if he follows it up with any updates.


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