Hardware summit tweeted words o’ wisdom

Hardware summit tweeted words o’ wisdom

MAKE’s Dale Dougherty moderating a panel on Productizing: Scaling/ Manufacturing/Moving beyond DIY

Some collected tweets and comments from the floor of the Open Hardware Summit:

@wseltzer: Bruce Perens (founder OSI): “I’m a counselor to sick companies; their disease is IP.”

@Federico_II: Perens: there are no more isolated nuts. Whatever kind of nut you are, you can find 50 just like you on the net.

@celinecelines: Is OS important? It is if you like democracy. It makes people better- Bruce Perens

@gcoley1: Open hardware is ‘faster than trying to drive a standard.’

@magnolfi: “Innovation as a system’s capacity to achieve unexpected results” – quoted by John Wilbanks ( VP for science, Creative Commons)

@wseltzer: Both Arduino and DIY Drones say TM protection is the key IP — sell what you want, but don’t say you’re us.

“It’s so cool to be here with all the Henry Fords of this industry!” – Eric Von Hippel (MIT)

@chr1sa (DIYDrone/Wired) follows the “give the bits, sell the atoms” business model.

Coley: “Thru-hole components are the vacuum tubes of the future: if they exist, you can’t get them”

“DIY has been invisible for systemic reasons ” -Von Hippel

David Carrier of Parallax says they sell more microcontrollers by opening their reference designs.

@katehartman: I’m fascinated by the continual dance between #openhardware ideals and the very human knee-jerk sense of ownership.

The opensource hardware draft v0.4 draft is up! http://bit.ly/bfWGwe

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