How-To: Edible Gingerbread Cuckoo Clock With Internal Gears

I love when I see a traditional project re-made in an extraordinary way, and that’s just what an Instructables Pro, called mezcraft, did with her Edible Gingerbread Cuckoo Clock with Internal Gears!

Last year for Christmas I made a Harry Potter Gingerbread House, which was a lot of fun. Over the past year I have been brainstorming about what I would do this year and what I am came up with was a Gingerbread Cuckoo clock with working gears. I couldn’t get this idea out of my head and so I went forward and began planning and figuring this out!

2 thoughts on “How-To: Edible Gingerbread Cuckoo Clock With Internal Gears

  1. nbales says:

    huh, who would have thought that you could have your clock and eat it too??

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