How-To: Table Number Plates

CRAFT: DIY Wedding

By Sonya Nimri
An economical way to DIY your table for a wedding or party is to transform thrift store plates into eye-catching table numbers. One plate per table can be gingerly propped up against a floral arrangement or integrated into the centerpiece. For materials, you can either go thrifting (any decent thrift store will have a variety of colorful plates) or paint your own plates. If you plan on using the plates again to eat off of, I recommend just gluing the paper or fabric numbers to the plate and skipping the paint. The spray painted version is not food safe, but the paper or fabric will easily wash off with soap and water.


9″ plates
Plate stand
Spray paint
Cardstock and/or fabric
for hand-cut number stencils, or stencils cut from a machine, like the Cricut
Glue stick
Masking tape


Version A:
Step 1: Cut numbers out of fabric or cardstock.
Platetablenumber Vera2
Step 2: Glue numbers directly on to the middle of the plate with a glue stick.
Version B:
Platetablenumber Verb1
Step 1: Use the negative of a number as a stencil and tape it well to the middle of the plate.
Platetablenumber Versionb2
Step 2: Spray paint the number onto plate.
Version C:
Step 1: Using double-sided tape, tape a round scalloped stencil in the middle of the plate.
Platetablenumber Verc2
Step 2: Spray paint the surrounding area.
Platetablenumber Verc3
Step 3: Glue the numbers cut out of fabric to the center of the plate.
About the Author:
Author Sonya Nimri
Sonya Nimri lives and crafts in a little house in Venice Beach, Calif. She is the author of two books: Beadalicious and Just for the Frill of It. Visit her at for lots of project ideas.

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