How-To Tuesdays: Summertime Wine Charms

There are a ton of great wine charms out there meant to help you keep track of which glass if yours in a party situation. Most of the ones I’ve seen are fancy as heck, made with crystal beads and sparkly charms. I thought it would be fun to make a set of wine charms with a casual feel, more suitable for a summertime wine-and-cheese picnic than a nighttime cocktail party. These are super quick to make, and would be a great little hostess gift. Here’s how to make them!



Stretchy beading cord
Wooden beads in various colors
Jewelry glue
Ribbon scraps
Fabric flowers and leaves, etc.
Jump rings and jewelry tools
Needle and thread

Step 1: Cut a length of stretchy beading cord about 7″ long. Poke the cord through the holes in your beads, and stop when you have about 4″ of beads all lined up. (You need to add enough beads so that you can easily stretch the finished charms over the base of your wineglass, but not so many that the charms just slip off.)
Step 2: Knot the ends of the beading cord twice and trim off the excess. Dab a bit of jewelry glue on the knot for extra strength and allow to dry.
Step 3: Choose a few soft fabric items to use for your charms. I went through my sewing box and found a variety of vintage fabric flowers, as well as a cute needle-felted strawberry I made not too long ago. If you’d like to attach something like my strawberry, simply sew on a jump ring and use jewelry tools to open and close the ring. Attach the ring to the beaded cord you made in Step 1, nestling the ring between two beads.
Step 4: If you’d like to use a fabric flower as a decoration, snip the stem of your flower and tie it onto the beaded cord using a scrap of ribbon. Be sure to thread the ribbon between two beads and knot it twice for strength.
Step 5: Repeat these steps to create as many charms as you’d like!

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Jenny Ryan

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