Jake von Slatt’s Gift Guide

Jake von Slatt’s Gift Guide

Our pal Jake von Slatt has a great gift guide up at the Steampunk Workshop. Now, all you steampunk haters out there can calm down. This isn’t a steampunk gift guide, just a guide from a maker who happens to work in the style of steampunk (as Jake puts it). The guide covers all sorts of tools and toys that Jake likes, such as the above Oxy/Acetelyne torch kit. Here’s what he has to say about it:

I bought my first Oxy/Acetelyne torch kit nearly twenty years ago. I used it to dissasemble a 1971 Buick Electra 225 and cut it into pieces small enough so that I could place it by the curb for collection by the trashman, that was the cheapest way to get rid of it at the time.

The frame became a utility trailer that I towed behind my 1977 Lincoln car, and it had nearly as nice a ride! In fact, it was one of the stablest trailers I’ve ever owned and the only one that I could pilot through a 6 wheel drift while taking off ramps at . . . well, imprudent speeds.

Anyway, with an Oxy/Acetylene torch you can braze, weld, cut, and heat. Auto Mechanics call this tool ‘the hot wrench” and with a little practice you will be able to use one to cut a nut off of a bolt without damaging the the threads. Furthermore, the process of “gas welding” is incredibly useful for all types of steel and the experience you’ll get “pushing puddles” of molten metal around will prepare you well for learning all other types of welding.

Plus, fire hawt!


Also, the most-talented artist and photographer, Libby Bulloff, has a Steampunk Fashion Gift Guide on the site (which has a pair of tabi books that are so awesome, I almost bought them on the spot!).

Jake’s 2009 Steampunk Gift Guide – A few of my favorite things.

Libby’s Steampunk Fashion Gift Guide

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