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In his 2005 book, Fab, Dr. Neil Gershenfeld predicted a shift from personal computing to personal fabrication and how manufacturing could be decentralized through networks.  The Fab Lab Network is an experiment in bringing Gershenfeld’s vision a reality. Today, with the criisis of COVID-19, fab labs and makerspaces around the world are sharing designs that can be replicated in each community because the tools for digital fabrication are widely distributed.  We want to hear what Neil thinks of seeing his vision plays such a powerful role in shape the civic response to COVID-19 but quite possibly providing the basis for a broad recovery.

Join Dorothy Jones-Davis of Nation of Makers and Dale Dougherty of Make: Community in an open discussion with our guest panelist and the maker community.

panelists for this event will include:

  • Dr. Neil Gershenfeld of MIT Center for Bit and Atoms
  • Sherry Lassiter, Executive Director of the Fab Foundation
  • Zach Fredin has been working on rapid-prototyping responses
  • Camron Blackburn has been working on lab measurements of rapid-prototyping responses
  • Tim Butterworth – Artisans Asylum
  • Megan J. Smith has been working on the civic response
  • Danny Beesley – College of Alameda Fab Lab




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