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Wow, this is a really cool service. It was a little expensive for us to join, but I think it was worth it. You see you join “WEBringr” and connect with others and share links! MAKE is a premiere partner, so join in!

Click here to visit WEBringr – Link.

Note: To offset the costs, the 6th issue of MAKE, will be about 50 pages, and not in color this time, but it is still the iPod case mod issue, so that’s cool, we have a TON of great iPod cases to make!

24 thoughts on “Join WEBringr!

  1. Vrogy says:

    I call BS.

  2. ladyada says:

    umm, its not BS, it really does work. its still pretty small cause they’re in public beta.

  3. madsax says:

    I guess I don’t really see the cost benefit ratio working here: what does this provide that couldn’t have been done for free?
    It doesn’t seem very Makeish… but maybe I’m missing something. Can someone clue me in?

  4. Shadyman says:

    I call BS on account of April Fools Day.

  5. madsax says:

    Yeah, okay… I have to admit I’m a bit hungover this morning and forgot what day it was.
    Check out the other “ringr”s – there’s some hilarious stuff out there (esp. “ in the fine art one).

  6. Itsamna says:

    Do we really need another webring

    or one ring to bind them ?

  7. philliptorrone says:

    well, WEBringr has a patent on web rings so i don’t expect the knock-offs to last very long.

  8. Vrogy says:

    ladyada, engage practicality genes and check the date :)

  9. vanderleun says:

    True, but in humor there is truth. What you see here is the continuing knowledge that the newsstand price for MAKE is far too high. Keeps people from buying it on impulse and hurts return sales. Obviously the way to go is a subscription, but the initial purchase at retail curtails those that might subscribe.

    Way back before MAKE was launched I actually TRIED to subscribe but their agent, the endlessly incompetent Palm Coast I think it was, just couldn’t get its online act together. Don’t know if they are still with that company but if they are they’re leaking subscriptions big time.

  10. vanderleun says:

    And as long as I’m in this mode (Don’t get me wrong, I think MAKE is a great publication and project, I just don’t buy it more than once a year, if then.) is it just me or does the home page have so much stuff and is making so many calls that it loads in a very sluggish way. I’m at the end of a broadband connection and the page, unlike most others, just bogs down into beachball land.

    Maybe it should try to do less with more and learn to say know to feature creep from the company.

  11. philliptorrone says:

    vanderleun – subscribing to a magazine is -always- cheaper. it’s pretty easy to do on amazon, or our store, we haven’t had any complaints – but if you’re having problems send me a note.

    as far as page loading goes, from time to time i test stuff on make, right now the call is sorta slow, i might remove that – but, i’m willing to try it out to see if folks like it.

    (oh, and don’t forget to join webringr, ktx).

  12. gmunchkin says:

    er…. April Fool’s?

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