June is Ceramics Month

June is Ceramics Month
3D-printed cup from Studio Unfold’s “Claystruder.”

May, Maker Faire, and Reclaimed Materials Month are behind us, and we’re continuing our 2012 materials theme in June by focusing on ceramics. We’re especially interested in advanced ceramics, 3D printing in ceramics, and unconventional applications of traditional ceramic materials and technologies.

As always, if you have specific resources, requests, or recommendations, please let us know, below.


4 thoughts on “June is Ceramics Month

  1. Kayte says:

    Not quite ceramics, but somewhat related- someone made a 3d printer that uses the sun to melt sand together. Website is here: http://www.markuskayser.com/ and it’s rather awesome. It was at CMU near where I work, but I unfortunately didn’t get to see it.

  2. ednspace says:

    My friend and I have been combining electronics and ceramics. We have been using 3 watt tricolor LEDs, capacitive touch sensors and pic microcontrollers as the brains. We took some of our first pieces to mini maker fair in Atlanta. Since then we have been refining the electronics and experimenting with the shape of the translucent clay forms. There is a somewhat dated write up at http://soulysolar.mudventions.com/?page_id=861

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