Learn to Blow Glass, Build Mini 4WD Cars, and Make Silly Robots at Maker Faire Hong Kong

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Learn to Blow Glass, Build Mini 4WD Cars, and Make Silly Robots at Maker Faire Hong Kong

There’s a particular magic that happens when you roll up your sleeves, step out of your comfort zone, and try to make something new. There’s a spark in the eye, the look of engagement, and the joy of participation. Celebrating the magic of making is at the cornerstone of every single one of the hundreds of Maker Faires that are lovingly organized around the globe. Maker Faire invites you to get your hands dirty, to learn something new, and to be inspired. This weekend, on April 8 and 9, Hong Kong Polytechnic University will host the fifth annual Maker Faire Hong Kong, featuring a wide array of workshops and hands-on activities, along with hundreds of maker exhibits, inviting attendees to “Make Big”!


The photo featured at top is from one of the highlights of last year’s Maker Faire Hong Kong. PolyU Design students designed a collaborative build named Timely Hong Kong, aimed at engaging 4,000 participants to co-create an art installation mimicking the landscape of the famous Lion Rock outside of Hong Kong. Participants picked a color that reflected their feelings and then each made a personalized desktop lamp, which was then added to the collaborative installation. A great time was had by all.

Fun Workshops at Maker Faire Hong Kong

This year’s Maker Faire Hong Kong promises to be more robust than ever, with an impressive number of opportunities to get hands-on and learn new skills. Here are just a few. See a full listing of makers, workshops, and presentations on the Maker Faire Hong Kong website. Plus, our own Caleb Kraft will be there covering the event and giving a presentation on modifying game controllers for people with muscular dystrophy.

Glass-Blowing Workshop

Ever wondered how glass is created? In this workshop, you can learn about glass-blowing tools and techniques and create you own masterpiece.

Organizer: Studio Glass Hong Kong


Hebacon is a unique robotics challenge in that the goal is not to make the best robot, but rather to make the worst robot, which sounds like a whole lot of fun. There will be a workshop and then a battle of the bad bots.

Organizer: Hong Kong Hebocon

Let’s Build Something (Really) Big Together

Flex your creativity and learn how to make something big using simple techniques and tools.

Organizer: PolyU Design

Cable-Jointing Challenge

Cable jointing calls for specific techniques and expertise to ensure safe and reliable power supply. Put your hands to the test by learning how to connect electrical cables, and discover what it means to get switched on!

Organizer: CLP Power Hong Kong

Electric Go-Kart Workshop

Learn about the systems and specifics of making an electric go-kart from scratch in this workshop.

Organizer: PolyU Design, Wheel Thing Makers

Toy Glider Workshop

In this workshop, you can make your own glider and then launch it on the zipline provided. Learn how the vertical fins of an aircraft work while having fun building a glider from scratch.

Organizer: Pak Kau College

Mini 4WD Workshop

Experience the joy of making a mini-4WD race car and then put your car to the test on the racetrack.

Organizer: Hong Kong Mini 4WD Association

Plus, be sure to check out:

FPV Drone Racers

Through first-person view (FPV) live feeds, attendees can witness the pilots’ skills being tested as they maneuver their drones within an enclosed obstacle racecourse.

Organizer: Hong Kong FPV Racers

Nerdy Derby

Nerdy Derby is the miniature car-making and racing competition with no rules. There are no restriction on building your car, as long as it successfully finishes the Derby track. Get creative!

Organizer: PolyU Design

Check the Maker Faire Hong Kong website for all the information you need to gain new skills and get inspired this weekend.

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