Learn to Screen-Print Your Own T-Shirts – Make: Video Podcast

Learn to Screen-Print Your Own T-Shirts – Make: Video Podcast


Bre brings in Matt Stinchcomb, the screenprinting expert of etsy.com, to the Weekend Projects podcast.


Have you ever wanted to create your own t-shirt designs? Look no further! Don’t forget to go and download the pdf to get all the details and supply lists. Warning: the end of this video is scary.

If you want to make a shirt just like ours, go ahead and download our source file and print it out on a transparency and you’re good to go. Since this is a crafty project, upload the photos of your awesome screen-printing creations to the Craft: flickr pool.

Get the podcast and pdf downloaded automatically in itunes. – Link

Update: Kirk will be demoing this at Maker Faire! – Link

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58 thoughts on “Learn to Screen-Print Your Own T-Shirts – Make: Video Podcast

  1. jordan314 says:

    Awesome! I’ve always wanted to know how to do this. Thanks! Great video!

    As for that microchip.com 16 bit contest – their site is totally vague about what exactly the contest is for. Evidentially you’re supposed to make something with their microchips by october 16, but what?

  2. technofrosty says:

    does anyone know or have a walkthrough on how to build one of the exposure boxes used in this video?

  3. TheThompsonFive says:

    Brilliant presentation!

  4. mkeblx says:

    Thanks, that’s just what I needed to know. I’ve been meaning to do some screen printing and now I’ll give it a try. Very nice video. Cool touch with the LEDs as eyes.

  5. Chrisjob says:

    Here’s a tutorial I did that doesn’t require a light box:

    And here’s one that uses the sun:

  6. garbagepit says:

    Oh instead of transparencies I recommend using vellum actually stuff I personally use is a brand literally called “better than vellum” (Casey’s Translucency paper) throw in some super black (some call it laser buddy) to bring out the darks and its ready to burn!

  7. TickleMeElm0 says:

    Not bad, but that shirt just can’t compare to the wicked awesomeness of this.

  8. kidanders0n says:

    what brand t-shirts did you use in making these shirts? they turned out brilliantly. :D

  9. sami says:

    Thank you!!! It makes so much sense to see it in action rather than reading instructions. Very cool and striaght forward video.

  10. John says:

    this is a great walk through…
    problem s, what if i wanted use more than one color?

  11. Shopping Cart says:

    Your post is nice.

  12. idrees azad says:

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    1. ADNAN says:


  13. Izzy Walton says:

    This is very helpful, and im going to try to make a few t-shirts of my designs, but… i have one slight obstacle
    what is a transparency? and how can you print on it?

  14. Custom T Shirts says:

    Great presentation on getting started screen printing. Your videos are great.

  15. blondie says:

    i want to start t-shirt printing at home. where do i start first and what supplies and equipment do i need.

  16. blondie says:

    i want to start printing t- shirts at home. where do i start anad what supplies and equuipment will i need.

  17. Chris Owen says:

    I work for Screen Printers Resource http://www.spresource.com, but have never actually seen a video like this. It was pretty cool.

  18. prince says:

    Nice blog , i also got some good information from http://tshirtprince.com

  19. Emanprinting says:

    Really nice T Shirt and video is great informative thanks for share it.


  20. Mr.Print says:

    Check out OC Print Pros – http://www.grcustomprinting.com

    Located in Orange County, CA.

    I ordered 300 shirts and there were done in 5 days.

    Great prices and friendly service.

    Ask for Rob


  21. memory foam mattress says:

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  22. personalized rhinestone t shir says:


    I really want to create my own t-shirt designs, and your article is really very helpful for me, because I also interested for creating my own t-shirt designs, your article is so and very helpful for the people, who also desire for creating their won T-shirt Designs.

    Thanks guys

  23. Willy Willy says:

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  24. Tony says:

    Where do you get the PDF?

  25. Michelle says:

    I’m learning to do my own screen printing this helped a lot!!

  26. Marcel Lado says:

    Bahahaha! that picture of him with the transparency honestly made me LOL! If you’re a screen printer then you’ve got to have fun once in a while, because that’s what makes our job fun!

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