Linuxstamp embedded Linux system


If the Beagle Board caught your eye, here’s another embedded Linux platform that’s worth taking a peek at. The Linuxstamp is an ARM powered, ultra-tiny, open hardware Linux system that has a bunch of low-power goodies packed into what appears to be a 3 inch by 4.5 inch footprint.

Compared the the Beagle Board, the Linuxstamp has a bit less processor muscle and lacks video output. To its advantage, it has on-board 10/100 Ethernet, and (I presume) it has lower power requirements, making it a better fit for some embedded needs. Both projects are near the same price point (Linuxstamp: $120, Beagle Board: $150), so you’ll be able to make decisions mostly on feature-set when choosing the platform for your next project.

Linuxstamp Project Wiki at Open Circuits [via ladyada]
The Linuxstamp Store

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