Looking for a Few Good Kit Makers

The Maker Shed is expanding its line of kits – and we want to meet new kit makers.

Ever had a cool idea for a kit but weren’t sure how to bring it to market? Or maybe you’re already selling kits but you’d like to expand your reach. Breaking into the market can be daunting for independent makers.

We love to help makers get started with kit making and bringing them to market. We’re willing to take risks on promising small runs, often hand-assembled by makers in their own workshops. This is how we started, how we built our business, and what keeps us different. If you have a kit you’re about to launch or even a kit design you’re not sure how to develop, we’d love to hear from you.

We curate kits for a range of interests and experience levels, and are particularly interested in robotics, electronics, microcontrollers, ballistics and aeronautics, servos and motors, smart materials, crafts, and anything that engages kids. We love kits that work well in classrooms, camps, hackerspaces, even birthday parties! Ideal kits are inspirational, educational, include everything you need to get started with helpful documentation, and encourage exploring more than one outcome.

Interested in getting your kit in front of millions of makers? Send a note to kits@makezine.com and tell us what you have in mind. We keep the process friendly, down to earth, and straightforward.

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