Make: Day Video

Make: television’s Make: Day is less than 3 weeks away! Check out this quick teaser…

Visit the Make: Day homepage for the list of Makers and more details.

Thanks to the Makers from the Bay Area Maker Faire for this footage, unfortunately EMSL won’t be attending this event.

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6 thoughts on “Make: Day Video

  1. Lenore says:

    Took me a bit to figure out why you mentioned EMSL – then I saw our Interactive LED Panels in the footage…ah, I get it now! I hope you all have fun in Minnesota.

  2. anachrocomputer says:

    Meanwhile, that day will be the first day of the UK Maker Faire!

  3. John Park says:

    Well, that and because you guys should be at every MAKE event, Lenore!

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